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This is the new site for Card Making World.

Please read this post "Dilema"

Come in and have a look around but please remember 

  • it's not finished: still loads of info to make live
  • some things might move or change
  • some things might not work or break
  • I am learning my way around like you are

It's going to take a bit of time to get things running smoothly, and as with anything new there's always hiccups and things that need ironing out.  

Some things are beyond my control too, this is an entirely new platform, software etc.

Thanks for understanding

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Adele posted a discussion
Hello...I have another favour to ask you.
I am really fed up with Ning, who host this site.  I now know that some of you are also not happy with the changes, and I can't do a great deal about really basic stuff like albums, easy replies on profiles,…
Gone back to the Estate Agents...
Ning seems to have had some issues with updating the site - activity feed may not be accurate. Sigh.
wondering why Dr Who is visiting the site today, taking things back in time? The activity feed is showing that I liked stuff 20 mins ago that I actually liked days ago...I guess Ning might be working on it in the background *argh*
getting frustrated with new site content system so calling it a day!
Adele published an article
You can make your own greeting cards using a wide variety of techniques, from traditional papercraft methods such as parchment craft or decoupage to 'lumpy' cards using embellishments, stickers and die cuts.  

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ooh my new Silhouette cutting mat just arrived so now I can try out my new/second-hand Cameo for the first time!
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